Our goal is to maximise each driver's potential; amplifying their sporting talent and creating real career opportunities.

What we do

Our driver management division has over 20 years of experience and has worked with drivers in almost every major international motor racing series. Our focus for the drivers we represent, is to identify a path which can provide them with a professional career in motorsport. We implement a team of industry-leading experts, from performance coaches to physical conditioning experts, to give our drivers the best chance of performing at their highest level. From a commercial perspective, WHS manage the PR and image of the drivers we work with, in addition to working closely with the network of those involved with the driver to find creative ways to raise finances for the driver to support their careers.

What we do


WHS creates additional revenue streams for its athletes through the brokering of sponsorship deals. We also explore opportunities for our athletes to monetise their business network by providing them with the ability to work on sponsorship deals between companies and right-holders in the broader world of sport, not just in motorsport.


In order to provide expert motosport-specific advice and guidance, WHS recruited Enzo Mucci as our Sporting Director. Since 1998, Enzo has been coaching drivers spanning F1, DTM and IndyCar. Notable drivers include Romain Grosjean, Christian Vietoris, Liam Lawson and Jack Hawksworth. Enzo formerly headed up the driver development programme at Lotus F1 before working with WH Sports.

Career Planning

Our career planning is tailored to address the needs of each individual driver and the specific stage they are in their careers. For junior drivers, we establish a career path relevant to the level which they are performing at and the opportunities which are available within the industry. Our focus is to provide guidance and support to open the doors needed for our drivers to reach the top of the sport.

Human Performance

WH Sports have assembled industry-leading experts to work with our drivers on a 1-to-1 basis, which complement any existing relationships they have in place. This ensures that our drivers have all the personal performance resources needed to fulfil their sporting potential.

The physical preparation and conditioning of our athletes is carried out by leading motorsport physical performance specialist AWP.


Funding the careers of young drivers is a constant battle. In addition to raising funds through sponsorship, we help our athletes create structures to allow individuals to provide them with financial support, to assist the further development of their careers.

PR & Media

With professional athletes constantly in the public eye, communicating appropriately with the media and having a strong public image is essential. Therefore WH Sports provide all our drivers with a strong set of media skills, allowing them to feel comfortable in all interviews and press conferences. WH Sports also ensure a constant stream of stories across all media platforms, highlighting our athletes’ recent successes and raising their commercial value.


Whether it be an endorsement deal, a contract with a rights-holder or a clothing deal, it is crucial to understand the true value of any contract. With WH Sports' vast experience in sports, combined with our comprehensive network of personnel, we are able to guide our clients into making informed business decisions and sign well-balanced agreements.


Modern day sportsmen and women are global superstars and social icons who enjoy substantial earning power through endorsement deals, brand ambassador roles, advertising contracts and more. Subsequently, WH Sports' branding team concentrate their efforts on developing our athletes into standalone brands with high commercial value, making WH Sports athletes ideal candidates for companies looking to engage in partnerships with sports stars.